How Does Your Approach Compare with SEDM?

We take the same approach as SEDM on every subject we can think of that is important. In fact, we have spent over ten years learning and studying materials on the SEDM and Family Guardian websites.

Furthermore, we haven’t been approached by “refugees” from SEDM or Family Guardian who claimed they were injured by any of the materials on either site.

The main theme of both Family Guardian and SEDM is franchises. We refer to these as “quasi-contracts” and rely upon the following cite as proof:

“Even if the judgment is deemed to be colored by the nature of the obligation whose validity it establishes, and we are free to re-examine it, and, if we find it to be based on an obligation penal in character, to refuse to enforce it outside the state where rendered, see Wisconsin v. Pelican Insurance Co., 127 U.S. 265 , 292, et seq. 8 S.Ct. 1370, compare Fauntleroy v. Lum, 210 U.S. 230 , 28 S.Ct. 641, still the obligation to pay taxes is not penal. It is a statutory liability, quasi contractual in nature, enforceable, if there is no exclusive statutory remedy, in the civil courts by the common-law action of debt or indebitatus assumpsit. United States v. Chamberlin, 219 U.S. 250 , 31 S.Ct. 155; Price v. United States, 269 U.S. 492 , 46 S.Ct. 180; Dollar Savings Bank v. United States, 19 Wall. 227; and see Stockwell v. United States, 13 Wall. 531, 542; Meredith v. United States, 13 Pet. 486, 493. This was the rule established in the English courts before the Declaration of Independence. Attorney General v. Weeks, Bunbury’s Exch. Rep. 223; Attorney General v. Jewers and Batty, Bunbury’s Exch. Rep. 225; Attorney General v. Hatton, Bunbury’s Exch. Rep. [296 U.S. 268, 272]   262; Attorney General v. _ _, 2 Ans.Rep. 558; see Comyn’s Digest (Title ‘Dett,’ A, 9); 1 Chitty on Pleading, 123; cf. Attorney General v. Sewell, 4 M.&W. 77. “

[Milwaukee v. White, 296 U.S. 268 (1935)]

We have collaborated with SEDM on the following document which explains how American Nationals essentially VOLUNTEER to pay income tax:

How State Nationals VOLUNTEER to Pay Income Tax, Form #08.024

We have also collaborated with SEDM in writing, reviewing, and improving the following form based on our approach to filing tax returns.

How to File Returns, Form #09.074

In addition, we have suggested improvements to the Family Guardian and SEDM websites based on our extensive use of both over the last 10 years.